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We materialize any type of Trade Marketing campaign at the Point of Sale through the areas of: implementations, visual Merchandising and Promotions.

We take care of the distribution and implementation of your products at the point of sale with our own staff of local assemblers and implementers throughout the national territory and islands.

We help you to have the best visibility of your brand by periodically auditing the status of each point of sale and taking care of their maintenance, replacement and restoration.

We effectively organize your promotional actions at the point of sale to boost your sales.

Our profiles


Commercial profile at the point of sale whose function is to promote a product and/or brand...

image promoter

Same profile as the promoter, but in addition to having a good presence, with a better image...

Promoter characterized

Same profile as the promoter, adding another language(s)

Bilingual promoter

 Same profile as the promoter, adding another/s languages.

Mistery shopper

Profile with negotiation capacity in the POS to improve positioning, implement...


Personnel in charge of implanting the brand material in the centers. It can be the furniture for...

* In accordance with our Equality policy, all professional categories refer inclusively to sexual and gender diversity.

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