Workout Retail, Somos Especialistas en Trade Marketing

We activate your trade marketing campaigns

We are specialists in Field Marketing.

At Workout Retail we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, to enhance the brand’s relationship with the public.

Our services

We materialize any type of Trade Marketing campaign at the Point of Sale through the following areas.


We manage any type of assembly or installation of commercial furniture to give visibility at the point of sale and ensure that the activation of the product is a success.

Visual Merchandising

We quickly and meticulously solve the arrangement of materials and graphic elements, their design and aesthetics to obtain a more attractive and positive image.

Promotions at the POS

We work to improve the customer experience and achieve a closer relationship between the brand and the consumer.

How we help you

How do we do it

We have an omnichannel, agile and flexible work methodology and our own local network, with national coverage.

In addition, our accumulated expertise in Field Marketing positions us as the complete solution for your actions at the point of sale.

mapa oficinas, delegaciones y centros logísticos workout retail
soluciones a medida workout retail

Storage logistics

Own logistics centers. Storage, picking, handling, maintenance and stock control service.

Distribution logistics

Own fleet of vehicles and shipment management, speed of response and implementation in stores nationwide. Time and cost savings.

Specialized personnel and capillarity

Own local staff. Trained staff, with experience in the sector and dealing with retailers.

Accreditation of personnel, homologation

Homologation in all CC and large surfaces. Own labor department, procedures and procedures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Direct contact with the POS.

Coordination and supervision

Specialized account team with extensive experience, coordination and supervision of each action. Interlocutors pending action from start to finish. In-person and telephone control of activations.


Own and customizable online reporting tool. Control and measurement of the results of each action in real time from the web or smartphone. Adaptation to external reporting platforms and systems.

reverse logistics

Disassembly, repair, packaging and return of the material used after each action. Recycling or destruction of materials according to regulations with the possibility of certification. Storage, stock control and material status information.

Fleet and logistics centers

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